Biologically Homosexual?

Albert Mohler caused a furor a little while ago when he posted an article on his blog affirming the possibility of homosexuals being biologically predisposed to their sexual orientation. In “Is Your Baby Gay? What If You Could Know? What If You Could Do Something About It?” Mohler brought out some very interesting points regarding the debate over abortion and “designer babies.” He put it this way: one day we may have the ability to change the orientation of a child in the womb if genetic markers indicate that it may turn out to be gay. We may even be able to abort them. Would those pro-choice defenders, who also defend homosexual practice, suddenly change their opinion on abortion?
Mohler drew a lot of fire from evangelicals who believed he capitulated by saying homosexuality is biologically determined and he drew fire from homosexual advocates for saying homosexuality is a sin. I found Mohler to be quite helpful as he has given me new categories to think about in this issue.
Read Mohler’s response to the controversy here.

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