J. I. Packer Lecture

Just a reminder to those interested that J. I. Packer will be speaking at the Centre for Mentorship and Theological Reflection tonight, hosted at Tyndale University College. Packer will be receiving the Centre’s Senior Scholar award. My friend Justin Galotti will be receiving a Junior Scholar award as well. Dr. Haykin will introduce Dr. Packer who will then give a lecture on “Evangelicalism and the Future.” There is no charge and the event starts at 6:30pm. Hope to see you there!


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8 responses to “J. I. Packer Lecture

  1. Rogers Meredith

    I have a shirt just like that!

  2. Anonymous

    I wonder if in the introduction of Dr. Packer, someone will mention his support of women in ministry? Or what about ECT, and his heretical endorsement of Rome? What does today’s acceptance of Dr. Packer mean in light of Lloyd-Jones’s 1964 address? Wait a minute, these are issues evangelicals are now willing to overlook. Are there any evangelicals who show both truth and grace, and have the backbone to stand when truth is in demand? Sorry. Go Packer go!

  3. Rileysowner

    Anonymous, if you want to make comments like that at least be willing to have your name known. Commenting anonymously not only makes me think that your comment is just a drive by shot, but also makes we quesiton whether you really have the backbone you seem to question in others.

    Although I don’t agree with Packer on everything, I would still very much have liked to hear him speak. Even more I would very much like to discuss things like the ECT with him to see where he stands on it now and what lead him to sign on.

  4. Ian

    Hey Rileysowner,

    My sentiments exactly. His remaining anonymous actually shows that he really doesn’t care enough about his sentiments to put his name to it. Not only that, it indicates that he knows what he’s doing is wrong.
    I don’t know how he thinks that such an attitude, whether he’s right or wrong, is upbuilding to the kingdom.

  5. Rogers Meredith

    No doubt I disagree with Rev. Packer on key points also, but I then recall what a great service he has (also) been to the body of Christ. As for anonymous comments they are cowardlly and heretical, not by confessional standards, but by Biblical.
    Many don’t allow them.

  6. Keith Brooks


    1) Since when has Packer supported the ordination of women? Have you read his Christianity Today article entitled, “Let’s stop making Presbyters?”

    2) Since when has Packer heretically endorsed Rome? Have you read through the ECT? Secondly, just out of curiosity, do you believe that Augustine is in hell?

    3) Your citing the 1964 Lloyd-Jones address is vague. Is that the one where Lloyd-Jones went on about the pure church, etc.? If so I’m assuming you agree with him, though you haven’t explained why.

    Looks like I’m sticking with Packer.

  7. Keith Brooks

    Correction: for 1) I meant to cite the CT article entitled, “Let’s stop making women presbyters.”

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