Wilson vs. Hitchens

Christianity Today’s website is hosting a debate between Doug Wilson and atheist Christopher Hitchens. Wilson has been reviewing Hitchens’ recent book God Is Not Great and is giving him the same workover he did to Harris and Dawkins. Already in Wilson’s first response, he has decimated Hitchens’ argument. I really don’t see what Hitchens can say in response.
This is presuppositional apologetics in practice folks.


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4 responses to “Wilson vs. Hitchens

  1. James Grant

    I can only say Amen! I have been examining the debate at my blog, and Wilson is undermining Hitchens whole worldview. James Grant

  2. Adrian


    If you are interested in some of the Hitchens’ book excerpts and some responses to them, I can give you some information tomorrow night.

  3. Ian

    Hi James, it really is a brilliant debate. I hope that it will prove to be an example to Christians who read it of a good (and devestating) method of apologetics.

    Adrian, bring it!

  4. John Kaiser

    Thanks for the link! :-)

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