Veith Recommends Wilson

Gene Edward Veith of the Cranach blog explains some of his past misunderstandings of Doug Wilson. Veith also provides reasons why evangelicals should read Wilson. Although I have a number of theological differences with Wilson, I have long been a fan of his. I was glad to read this post.


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2 responses to “Veith Recommends Wilson

  1. Rileysowner

    I too find many things that Wilson writes very helpful, although there are areas in his FV views that I have extreme problems with. Having said that, when it comes to interacting with culture as believers in Jesus Christ, he is generally right on target.

  2. Ian

    Totally. Of course, coming from a Baptist perspective, I have quite a few differences with Wilson. But what you say is dead-on. The way he interacts with culture is well thought out, engaging and hilarious!

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