Ignite the Tinder

I am currently studying for my New Testament Theology exam that I will write tomorrow morning. One of the questions that will likely be on it will have to do with the “Jesus of History” and “Christ of Faith.” My notes were inadequate on it, and the books on my shelf didn’t really help – so it took to the internet. In my heavy research (ie. Google), I came across this excellent little article in the McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry by Richard Longenecker entitled “The Jesus of History and the Christ of Faith: Some Contemporary Reflections.” In it he explains the differences scholars have had on the relation between the two. Beginning with Schleiermacher, he highlights the various views of Schweitzer, Kasemann, Cullman, Davies, Borg and the Jesus Seminar. He then follows up with his own excellent seven point reflection.
Near the end of his reflection he has a really cool quote that I thought I would post:
Real conviction, Jesus is presented as saying, comes only by revelation from the Father in heaven – or, to say it more prosaically: History and reason may pile up the dry wood, but it takes the heavenly fire of revelation from God to ignite the tinder.”


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3 responses to “Ignite the Tinder

  1. dtam

    I know how that goes; I’ve been doing some studying off of Wikipedia of late. The scientific journals usually are too focused for any use so I take the broad version and hope it’s accurate enough

  2. Shane

    Totally off topic, but I am working on building a Canadian Christian blogroll. Just wondering if you would be interested in participating. Most of the big blogrolls for Christians are dominated by Americans, and the Canada’s Christian scene is very different from America’s.

    Would you be interested in participating? If so, drop me an email and I will include you. I will send out an email as soon as I have set up the blogroll, with instructions on how to add it to your site.

    mrcheevus at gmail dot com

  3. Ian

    Sounds good, count me in. I hope I remember to email you!

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