Carson on Wright on Evil

D.A. Carson has reviewed N.T. Wright’s Evil and the Justice of God. His isn’t as positive as Sproul’s was. I’ll have to read it myself I suppose.


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3 responses to “Carson on Wright on Evil

  1. Anonymous

    Im eager to hear about Ian on Carson on Wright on Evil. I might even write a paper that is Maher on Ian on Carson on Wright on Evil, with especial emphasis on the avoidance of infinite regression in the play of academic signs.

  2. Ian

    Shut up and prepare for your thesis defense tomorrow. I’ll be there with tomatoes (and stones) in hand.
    There’s a heresy hunt a-brewin’.

  3. Anonymous

    D. A. Carson is an awesome gift to the church. When is someone going to write a hagiography of this man? His book, “How Long, O Lord?” is the best treatment on the nature of suffering and evil one could read, even though it’s a popular publication. It’s interesting to compare the two reviews you posted: the theological acuity of Carson as compard to Sproul is patently obvious.

    John Bell

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