No Justice?

This past St. Paddy’s Day I went out and rented myself a good ole Irish movie (directed by an Italian), The Departed. While I don’t recommend it to the faint of heart, I more or less enjoyed it. Pretty violent and lots of creative swearing (a la Marky Mark), but in all it was good. Save for the ending. Now, I know that it was based upon a kung-fu movie called Infernal Affairs and that it sought to honour the ending of its Chinese counterpart, but the ending of The Departed was anti-climactic and disappointing.
I suppose that this was so because everyone has within them a sense of justice rooted in our very souls. When the bad-guy gets away, or everyone gets shot, or whatever, I feel in my heart that justice wasn’t served and it bothers me. That’s why I didn’t like the ending of The Departed. No closure.
After yesterday’s horrible shooting at Virginia Tech, that same feeling in my heart appeared. Specifically when I read that the shooter committed suicide. What a rip. After wreaking cargnage on unsuspecting schoolmates Cho Seung-Hui decides to off himself in a cop-out suicide, leaving a nation in agony. Where’s the justice??? The story would have fared better if the police nabbed him and he was sent to the electric chair (of course, it would be better if the story wasn’t written at all). Then there would have been closure. Then that feeling in my heart would be appeased.
Then I remember who it is that I worship. The Triune God who created me with that sense of justice in my heart is the One who renders just judgments to those who violate His law. Cho will get his, and coming from the hand of the Living God, no electric chair could compare. What Cho is suffering right now, and what he will suffer at the Judgment is something that I care not to think about, because it is beyond my finite comprehension.
When thoughts of the justice of God come to mind, I am further reminded of His mercy. God’s justice is not violated by His great mercy that He displayed in sending His Son to this earth in the human Jesus of Nazareth. The justice of God was meted out to Christ on behalf of His people so that they might receive, by faith alone, the mercy of God.
May incidents like the one at Viriginia Tech remind us all that God is just, and that no crime goes unpunished. If you fear your own crimes (sin) will find you out, flee to Christ for salvation – there at the cross will you find mercy. Mercy, that likely did not reach Cho Seung-Hui.

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  1. Mark

    In a way it is sad that Cho did not get the electric chair. But even the most fearsome form of capital punishment could not be up to the task of meting out justice for this act. Ultimately, any justice down here would be only a token. That is how I view capital punishment for murder. In my estimation it is not “restitution” in any sense, but merely the highest punishement that can be had for now. I feel this is especially true of mass murder.

    Even if Cho was executed, while perhaps giving some closure, the punishment still wouldn’t really satisfy the horrific act which he committed. Neither does the execution of one Nazi official expiate even a few of the sufferings of a holocaust survivor. So even if the preferable option of justice being done in the usual way doesn’t occur, we know that the ultimate justice will be served. I don’t think we on earth can get any sufficient punishment for him besides God’s judgement. It seems that God instituted capital punishment as a provisional state-sanctioned way for us humans to deal with these sort of henious crimes in the here and now. It is the best way we can deal with these situations, but it shouldn’t confused with actually being totally satisfying.

    What would be a real shame, though, would be if he stayed alive and was in a state or country that doesn’t have capital punishment. Then perhaps he would get a “life” sentence with parol which was either equal or close to the amount of time some people have spent booked on drug charges.

    On a more inspiring note..

    If you look in my post on the shooting, you will see a link to an article about a heroic incident in the shooting incident.

    A professor at the school, who is a holocaust survivor stood at the doorway taking fatal shots while telling his students to get away.

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