New Bahnsen Book

Well, this worked at Christmas when I blogged about getting a “Cornelius Van Til is my Homeboy” T-shirt (thank you Keith and mom). So I figure I’ll try ‘er again.

American Vision is publishing another book by the late Greg Bahnsen on apologetics. This one is called Pushing the Antithesis: The Apologetic Methodology of Greg Bahnsen, and it looks awesome. I hope it is better than Always Ready (which I enjoy, but have issues with). Order up!

[HT: AOMin]


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2 responses to “New Bahnsen Book

  1. stauf46

    Hi there, Ian

    Long time no comment.

    This book looks interesting. I found the beginning of “Always Ready” great, but then it deteriorated. It needed a confident editor.

  2. Ian

    Hey Terry!
    Thanks for posting. Good to “hear” from you.
    Yeah, I hope the editing on this is better. Always Ready got repetitive at points and redundant. It’s still an excellent book though. Van Til’s Apologetic: Readings & Analysis is also excellent.
    I’m encouraged to hear that you guys out in AB met together. May God strengthen you all.

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