Wilson on Dawkins

The ever poignant cultural critic Doug Wilson is doing to Richard Dawkins what he did to Sam Harris. Wilson is now interacting with Dawkin’s recent book The God Delusion with a series of posts called “The Odd Delusion.” Hopefully these, like the Harris posts, will be put into book form. Guys like Harris and Dawkins can’t have all the fun.


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2 responses to “Wilson on Dawkins

  1. Stephen

    Alister McGrath already has a book on Dawkins called “The Dawkins Delusion”. McGrath basically demolishes Dawkin’s book by exposing how self contradictory and unscientific it is. He also shows that Dawkins is very very ignorant of Christian theology. All in all, Dawkins is shown to be speaking well beyond his competence.

    McGrath is well placed to write such a book. He is a biochemist himself, and converted from atheism to Christianity as a young adult. He is also (like Dawkins) a professor at Oxford (professor of the history of Christianity I think).

  2. Ian

    Hi Stephen,
    Thanks for the tip. I recently listened to McGrath give a lecture on Dawkins in San Francisco – it was very good. McGrath not only has a PhD from Oxford in historical theology, he also has one from Oxford in biophysics (or something to that effect). The lecture was brilliant.
    As a matter of fact, McGrath is speaking on Dawkins in Toronto in May. He’ll be giving lectures at Wycliffe College’s annual Refresh! conference. I’m hoping to go with people from my church.
    I love McGrath.

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