More on Global Warming

More on the supposed warming of the globe. This is an article from Times Online written by Nigel Calder, the former editor of New Science. It is entitled “An experiment that hints we are wrong on climate change.”

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  1. Stephen

    Hi Ian,

    This article you link to leaves much to be desired. Firstly, for an article by the ex editor of a popular science magazine, it is a pity that the writer does not reference any scientists when he makes his claims about them.

    Secondly, the writer plays the card that he those who do not fall in line with the consensus cannot get published – but then admits that the paper has been published in the proceedings of the Royal Society. Hardly an academic backwater!

    Thirdly, whilst it is true that recent experimental evidence has shown the role of cosmic rays in formation of rain clouds, we have over 50 years of data about cosmic ray levels reaching the earth, monitored by the neutron monitor at Climax Station, Colorado, and in that time there has been no trend in the levels of such rays. Thus whilst the experiment extends our understanding on the role of cosmic rays in climate, it in no way explains the recent warming in climate we have seen over the last three decades.

    Fourthly, the cooling in East Antarctica in no way shows that climate change is not happening. The world climate system is incredibly complex, and the expected result of “global warming” would indeed be cooling in some areas, through effects such as the interraction of variant levels of ocean salinity.

    Fifthly, the medieval warm period was not a period of universal warmth. Neither was the little ice age cold everywhere. Furthermore, this time of thriving Vikings was more or less the same period when half the European population was destroyed by plague! (Not that we need read a climate scenario into the tragedy. The issue was probably that the black death arrived suddenly, rather than being endemic over a long period in the European population).

    Sixthly, he is wrong that the global temperature reached a plateau in 1999 – it has continued to rise.

    Seventhly, if solar forcing and cosmic rays *did* play some role in climate change (for which, as we have seen, there is no evidence), it would not justify abandoning the scientific basis for believing that atmospheric carbon dioxide, methane and water are causing a warming effect. The scientific basis for this effect was demonstrated 150 years ago, and explains why the surface of the earth is not a chilly -40 or lower all the time.


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