There Is Nothing You Can Say

I had often heard about such videos. I wondered what it would be like if I actually saw one. How would I handle it? Where would I be? At a meeting, with a group of other watchers? I didn’t expect to be sitting at my kitchen table in my Toronto apartment. I didn’t know how I would feel inside. It’s really psychologically affective. I can’t believe that this is real and that people actually go through with this.
God help us.
John Piper has a list of resources to use in the battle against abortion (“carnage” as Piper calls it). The following link will take you to a pro-life website that has footage of an abortion running on its homepage. Do not click it unless you are prepared. I knew what I was doing when I clicked the link. What a sad, horribly sad, video. It made me want to cry and to vomit. I could never desensitise myself to this.
We decry abuse towards animals – yet this is free choice. Damn your freedom. This is murder.

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  1. Rileysowner

    I saw that link when I was there as well. I couldn’t even bring myself to click it when I saw it. It is murder.

    Jim Vellenga

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