Muller, Orthodoxy and Scholasticism

I’ve been slowly reading through the first volume of Richard Muller’s Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics – admittedly, it’s quite slow. In light of this, I thought I would link to some helpful summaries that are found in the blogosphere.
John Tweeddale – John blogs from Edinburgh where he is doing work in post-Reformation theology and history. He is a contributor to the excellent blog The Conventicle. He also has a whole site dedicated to summarising Muller! Amazing. He hasn’t updated for a while though, which is sad.
Cynthia Nielson – Cynthia’s blog, Per Cartitatem, is a great source of philosophical theology. Her thoughts on Muller are enlightening.
Jon Barlow – Jon writes as a PhD student and graduate from Covenant Seminary. His interests are historical theology. He utilises Muller’s writings to give perspective on the Federal Vision controversy. You’ll have to scroll through his posts to get the ones on Muller; Jon doesn’t use labels.


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2 responses to “Muller, Orthodoxy and Scholasticism

  1. John W. Tweeddale

    Thanks Ian for the plug and the reminder that I’m woefully behind on PRRD posts! Soon…


  2. Ian

    Looking forward to it!

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