Covenant and Justification

I haven’t listened to all of these lectures yet, but they do promise to be good. I have only managed to hear the first one, by David Chapman. These lectures are a review and response to the New Perspectives on Paul given by faculty members at Covenant Theological Seminary (PCA). Chapman is quite irenic, which I’m thankful for in light of the amount of harsh language lobbed back and forth from each side, and it provides a scholarly response.
Hans Bayer – Paul

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One response to “Covenant and Justification

  1. Anonymous


    I would encourage you in Christ to consider two things:

    1) How Paul responded to the Judaizers in Galations when the doctrine of Justification was under attack. It was not irenic, but it was truthful. As Luther said, justification is the doctrine on which the church stands or falls. I understand being irenic about teritary issues where the bible is not clear, but this is a primary, fundamental doctrine. That is not to say that one is rude, but one must be clear – the antithetical nature of this doctrine against the Gospel must be drawn. The Apostle Paul set the example.

    2) Scholarly discussion does not necessarily = biblical. This is one of the key problems with the NPP. Much of its initial credibility was that it came from (liberal) “scholars”. Our standard must first be biblical. We don’t work out of a historical context we work from the Scriptures. Blind trust in scholasticism is as dangerous as blind fundamentalism. Like the Bereans we need to examine every position by all-sufficient Scripture. The perspecuity of Scripture was a hallmark of the Reformation, and the whole point was not to elevate an “ubermensch” class of scholars who form our opinions for us releasing us from our responsibility to know the Scriptures for ourselves. For too many in our churches this is the case. We need more pastor-scholars and elder/deacon-scholars and regular member/scholars than ivory-tower pontificators seeking to advance the next theory to advance their careers and get their Ph.d’s. I’m sure you’re familiar with the history of the JEDP hypothesis – that’s exactly how it progressed with everyone building on Wellhausen. Education is important, but it can easily be an idol for those in it and especially for the church. B.B. Warfield’s injunction to seminary students is worth everyone reading. We’re not to study God atomistically and “exhaustively”, we’re called to worship Him with heart, mind and soul.

    Thank you for reading this response, I appreciate your blog. Press on for Reformation in Canada!

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