Helms Deep

I was quite excited to see that Paul Helm has a blog where he posts various unpublished writings. I find Paul Helm to be one of the most enjoyable theologians of our day. He is a great writer, draws from various disciplines and traditions, and writes in a clear, concise and logically airtight manner. Check it out at Helms Deep.


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2 responses to “Helms Deep

  1. David Shedden

    Ian, thanks for the hat tip. WRT the Edwards class, I realise how big a figure JE is, but I’ll stick to dabbling.

    Michael H’s book on JE and revival is on my Amazon wish list. Don’t you find it fascinating how secondary works sometimes inspire the reader more than the primary sources that they feed on?

  2. Ian

    Hey Dave,
    Dabbling in JE is better than nothing I suppose! He was truly one of the greats. I definitely recommend Dr. H’s book, very good.
    I think you’re right about secondary sources. I think they’re inspiring because they give us a condensed version of the theology we want to read. Maybe a sign of laziness – at least on my part.
    I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on Shedd. Should be an interesting study.
    If you plan on coming up to Toronto, please look me up. My wife and I would love to have you over for grub. C G says you’re a stand-up guy. Not in the comedian sense mind you, but we don’t mind.

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