Owen: A Light Amidst the Deepest Dark

It was discussed last week in Pastoral Theology that sin is like gravity. It never sleeps, it does its job without fail, and always works against us.
Recent events in the lives of a number of Christian men that I know have given me pause to remember the sin that strives against me daily. Some have fallen outright, others to a lesser degree and still others are on the verge. This grieves me deeply, not only because it is so sad to see a Christian fall, but because it forces me to see the sin in my own life.
But God is working providentially through these varying situations. Often He encourages His people with little gifts. Recently, He has given me a great gift in the book The Glory of Christ: His Office and Grace by that all-wise Puritan John Owen. It has been a balm to my soul as I have struggled through the anger I feel toward sinning brethren, and the sorrow I feel for my own sin.
Here is one of the many penetrating questions that Owen, who writes near the “end of his pilgrimmage,” directs toward his readers:
On this our duty it is to call ourselves to an account as to our endeavour after a gracious view of this glory of Christ: When did we steadily behold it? When had we such a view of it as where our souls have been satisfied and refreshed? It is declared and represented to us as one of the chief props of our faith, as a help of our joy, as an object of our hope, as a ground of our consolation, as our greatest encouragement to obedience and suffering (p. 126).
Thank you God for directing Owen’s words to my heart. May I always endeavour to attain a view of the glory of Christ. May my sin shrivel in the brilliant light of Christ my glorious Saviour and Mediator.

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