Ezra’s Testimony

A little while ago I blogged about the amazing work that the Lord is doing in India through the ministry of a friend of mine named Ezra Vesapogu. Through his efforts of evangelism and church planting, Gospel Fellowship India has nearly two hundred Reformed Baptist Churches.
While Ezra was in Toronto, he spoke in a number of different churches. On the Wednesday that he was here, I drove he and my friend Justin to my home church in Essex, near Windsor. I knew that Ezra’s testimony would be a great encouragement to them and that they in turn would be a great encouragement to Ezra. I wasn’t disappointed. It was a great time of mutual edification and I’m really glad that we made the trip home.
I was delighted to see on the Grace Baptist Church of Essex website that they uploaded the MP3 of Ezra’s testimony. I thought I’d link it here in case anyone wanted to listen to it and be encouraged.
Please pray for Justin and I as we contemplate developing a Canadian wing to GFI – it would be so great to have churches in Canada supporting this revival in India. Maybe it would be like the trans-Atlantic Prayer Call before the Second Great Awakening and Canada might be affected? Only God knows.

***UPDATE*** Unfortunately, as things often happen in this world of sin, the above testimony and overall ministry of Ezra Vesapogu is a farce. Through a sad series of events it has come to light that Ezra lied completely about his testimony and about the scope and nature of his ministry. Myself and a lot of others were deceived into believing in and trusting Ezra – many people had invested ten years into him.
If you are at all considering working with Ezra and his new work, “Share Ministries,” I would advise you strongly to reconsider. Your money, your time and your energy will be wasted. After Ezra was caught in his deceit, he did nothing to repent and make amends – though he claims to people that he did. If you have any questions about Ezra, contact the leadership team at North Shore Baptist Church here at info@ns-bc.org. They can provide you with first hand details.
I have posted a picture of Ezra just in case he starts going by a fake name so that you know who you are dealing with. He is the bald one with the mustache:


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3 responses to “Ezra’s Testimony

  1. C G


    Excellent – thanks for linking to that. A few around here will be very interested.

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