Tea Time

Well, with school and a lack of an internet connection, blogging has been neglected for the past month. With the coming of wireless to my laptop, my hope is to remedy the lack of blogging, if even to a lesser degree.
This semester I am taking five classes: Theological Latin, Greek Syntax, Puritan and Evangelical Spirituality, Pastoral Leadership and Contemporary Theology 1. The latter is a correspondence course through The Institute of Theological Studies and the lectures are by John Feinberg, it spans the period from Hegel to the “death of God” theologies.
So, lots of reading and homework to do!
This past weekend my friend and fellow Holy Word Church member, Lynn, held a high tea at her house. It was great. She works at the Canadian Club which is located at the Fairmont/Royal York and does catering for tonnes of special events in Toronto. The high tea was very posh to say the least. I’m posting some pictures to make your mouths water. We had amazing pastries, finger sandwiches (wasabi and salmon, turkey and guacamoli, egg salad, etc.), and a large variety of teas from across the globe. And the ever funny Paul managed to bring a burger from Lick’s with him.



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7 responses to “Tea Time

  1. Christian Grewal

    Hey Ian,

    Lynn works for the Canadian Club (www.canadianclub.org) whose offices are in the Royal York/Fairmont Hotel.

    Looks good. Too bad I missed it.


  2. Ian

    Woops, I guess I forgot that it was technically the Canadian Club. I’ll make the change.
    Thanks bro.

  3. C G

    Did the scones come with cream AND jam?

  4. Ian

    There was one draw-back that I refrained from mentioning. No Devon cream!!!!
    But the jam was excellent.
    Maybe I’ll get her to do a tea when you come to Canada? ;)

  5. Anonymous

    Hey Ian,

    Yes! Yes! Yes! A post! :)

    Seriously, though, welcome back. Looks like you had a nice high tea. I’ve recently discovered that guacamoli is not really as bad as it looks.

  6. Rogers Meredith

    Glad you are back! BTW syntax is way more fun than first year.

  7. Terry Stauffer

    Welcome Back!

    That does indeed look posh. All we ever do is low tea. I make a mean pot of coffee, though.

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