Slow Blogging

I’m taking a week long linguistics intensive this week, so I won’t be around much to blog. Just thought I’d let everyone know in case you were wondering where I went!



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11 responses to “Slow Blogging

  1. Dennis

    We’ll be waiting for you to come back!

  2. Stephen

    And what language would you like us to use when you come back? ;)

  3. Ian

    Hey Dennis! How’ve you been feeling?
    Furboy: you can speak Welsh if you like.

  4. Stephen

    Diolch yn fawr.


  5. Ian

    I’ll smiley face you back on that one :) but you may be swearing at me!

  6. Dennis

    I’m recovering well. In the hospital, I was the wimpiest one…it took me the longest to leave, but now I’m finding out that I am recovering quicker than the other guys. No heavy lifting for a few more weeks, but I can get around pretty good.

  7. Steve Bedard

    I just wanted to pass on to Ian that I appreciated your comments on my book ‘Unmasking the Pagan Christ.’ Seeing your blog inspired me to get my won blog. You can find it at

  8. Ian

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for posting the comment. I’m very happy to see that you are in the blogosphere! May God use your blog to His glory!

  9. Rogers Meredith

    Have you evaporated or perhaps simply have submerged yourself into the academy?

  10. Ian

    A couple of things have contributed to my lack of blogging.
    1) I no longer work at TBS due to full time studies, so I don’t have my old office. I only just got wireless internet for my home.
    2) I have four classes, two of which are languages (Latin and Greek), so my time is being slowly eaten away.

    But I promise, a blog post will be put up soon enough.
    Thanks for asking though, much appreciated!

  11. Anonymous

    May I suggest blogging in Greek or Latin? And I always thought latin was just for cool blog titles..

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