Rehov Documentaries

Pierre Rehov is a French documentarian who will be releasing his latest, “Suicide Killers” (trailer here), to audiences in New York City, Aug. 25-31, 2006. Like his other documentaries, Rehov looks into the world of jihadist Islam, in particular war-torn Palestine. In “Suicide Killers” he provides viewers with an in-depth look at the face of suicide bombers. He interviews a number of those who lived through their attacks, aspiring suicide bombers, as well as the families of these so-called “martyrs.”
For more on Rehov, check out this interview with him at the Counterterrorism Blog. As well, a number of interviews are available at his website here.
From what I can gather, this looks like a very good documentary. I hope that it gets a wide viewing in the West and that it will help awakening Western minds to the threat that Islam really is.


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2 responses to “Rehov Documentaries

  1. Bilbo Baggins

    It is hard for our current western culture to fully comprehend jihad; so few westerners are willing to die for anything. Our society is preoccupied with living forever and it will take quite a mental paradigm shift to understand people living or dying for a cause. Westerners refuse to believe that there are scores of people willing to die for what they believe. If you talk to your average Canadian, they will tell you that the September 11th terrorism was carried out by a few, whacky individuals. Few seem to understand that September 11th was the tip of a cultural iceberg, which celebrates death for the great purpose.


  2. Steven Carr

    Heaven knows what these people would get up to if they believed in evolution , and didn’t believe that they would live on after their death.

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