Hitler’s Cross Restaurant

This is incredible. A restaurant recently opened in Mumbai called “Hitler’s Cross.” The owner of the restaurant claims that he only named it after the Fuhrer to draw attention, not to hurt anyone. The lows that people will sink to only to make a dollar and a name. What a loser.
A number of Indian politicians and celebrities were on hand for it’s opening which is just as disgusting. Apparently the only ones openly offended by it were Jews. What’s wrong with people? All in the name of free speech.

Hitler’s Cross restaurant has now agreed to change its name. See here for more. [HT: The Pearcey Report]

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  1. Mark

    You would think that any human being with a shred of moral soundness would find the idea of making money by parading the nazi/hilter persona despicable. But, especially, one would think that they (assuming the owners are Asian) would sense that they wouldn’t rank very high in a Nazi society either. I supose Asians would have been placed somewhere between Slavs and Jews/Blacks on the Nazi race hierarchy. But, alas, money means more than principle to a great number of people. And the Nazis/Hitler is a “powerful” brand.

    This is kind of off topic, but have you ever heard of Dushko Popov? I was just reflecting on my Slavic heritage and how I would be viewed in Nazi Germany (not as hated as others, but Slavs were certainly viewed as inferior). Then I remembered that character named Dushko Popov. He is rumored to be the guy who inspired the “James Bond” persona. Yes, he known for his “Bondish” lifestyle too. He was a Yugoslavian that hated the Nazis and managed to sign up as a spy for the Nazis. He then offered his services to the MI5 as a double spy, but only feeding MI5 approved info to the Nazi’s hands. He was even dispatched to the U.S. by the Nazis, all the while really serving Britian. He has a book called “Spy, Counterspy”. I’ve never read it but heard it was fascinating.

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