Calgary Sun – Praying aloud gets man jailed

Licia Corbella of The Calgary Sun reports that street evangelist Artur Pawlawski was arrested in Calgary for praying in public. Are Christians over-reacting when we believe that persecution for our faith isn’t far away in Canada?



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4 responses to “Calgary Sun – Praying aloud gets man jailed

  1. Mark

    Many times persecution isn’t very overt. Not everyone lives in a situation like a strong Islamic theocracy. By calling most persecution indirect, I’m not saying it is less of persecution, just that it isn’t directly tied to professing Christ as savior. The Roman Christians were harshly persecuted, but when it came down to it, it was not that they claimed Jesus as Lord, but rather that they wanted to do it exclusively. (same could be said about Babylon’s demands regarding idols, etc.) Normally in history the reason for people going to jail or killed wasn’t usually “You trust Christ”, but rather.. “You are a traitor because you won’t bow to Caesar (exclusivity)” or “Your sect is subverting the established order/church/state” or “You won’t maintain silence in public”, etc. And when a state does that, they can always point and say “They aren’t being persecution for Christianity, but rather because they are a sect or extremists”. If a government of ours were ever to decide they need to persecute believers (God forbid), they’d likely think long and hard about getting a “marketable” cover for it.

    Non-organized persecution is persecution still. In Western nations it is not overly likely that any time in the very near future that you will have any sort of wholesale commitment on the part of the government to the eradication of Christianity. But what the people of a country think makes a difference no matter who their top leader is. To take an example from the Islamic world, a moderate leader doesn’t necessarily make a nation more tolerant if the police, municipality leaders, tribal chiefs, parents, etc. are commited to repressive measures. They will do whatever they can get away with, and chances are unless the country leaders are unwilling to make more than token steps to reform, they will be able to get away with a lot of brutal things. There will always believers (even those who live in “Christian nations”) who get unfair treatment because of their faith. It may be that they crossed some obscure and vauge law and the only reason they are being prosecuted is because someone is out to get them for their faith. Not to say that it happens often, but I’m sure it does. The Bible says to expect unfair treatment, and even rejoice in it!

    Regarding the link posted…”public order” type laws are probably normally vague enough that legally a street preacher or any other person presenting something in the open air can always be arrested even if they’ve done nothing wrong. Providing, fo course, someone has enough authority/bias/determination to carry it through.

    Are we emotionally/spiritually prepared to face direct physical persecution? Am I really commited enough to the truth of the gospel to go to jail or die for it? Is my life straight enough, my conduct charitable enough, my motivations sincere enough, etc. that any potential persecutors would be put to shame by it? I think we need to study current and past instances of persecution. I’m specifically think about reviewing actual dialogs that took place, situations, etc. “Five English Martyrs” (J.C. Ryle) is a good study of some English church leaders who were put to death primarily on the basis of their view of the Lord’s supper.

    Hmmf.. This got rather long. You are lucky I’m on a limited break time, else it may have been even longer. That simple article stired up a lot of thoughts. I think I may publish this post for posterity and in good Puritan fashion name it something like “A Three-Fold Diatribe, Excertation, And Monolouge On The Origins, Nature, And Potentialities of Persecution of Believers in Christ In The Western Hemisphere in the 21st Century And Beyond” (thats the abreviated title, of course).

  2. Anonymous

    persecution in Canada? are you a fucking moron – it seems to be the case. get off your fucking high horse and “woh is me” attitude. I hope christians begin to be persecuted in Canada because that way we won’t have to hear from naive, judgemental and closed minded people such as yourself.

  3. Ian

    It probably has to do with being French that you don’t even know how to spell “woe.”
    Way to go. Thanks for your cowardly anonymous posting.

  4. Anonymous

    I know Artur personally, and introduced him To Licia (the columnist for the Calgary Sun)It may interest the readers of this page to know that two months shy of two years since this blog was posted Artur is continually “persecuted” for his beliefs, and was fined once again over the weekend for sharing on the steps of old city hall.

    Yes, persecution and of anything Christian is alive and well here in Canada.

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