Free Crack Pipes In Toronto

It was nice to read that “safe” crack smoking kits were found in a park near us. And I wonder why I’m surprised to see guys smoking crack in front of my house? Last night as Vicky and I were walking back from our car, we saw an old guy on the steps of Jarvis Street Baptist with a jacket over his head smoking crack. When he pulled the jacket off, he looked to be in his 60s. And David Miller and the morons in City Hall think that they are helping him. This makes me so angry.
See Dust My Broom for more. Also see this at DMB about the results in Ottawa.


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5 responses to “Free Crack Pipes In Toronto

  1. Mark

    I’m not exactly a crack expert (thankfully), but what exactly constitutes an “unsafe” crack pipe????? I guess I can see medical reasons why needles are dangerous, but pipes?

    Also, how can they justify arresting people for some paraphanilia and handing out others? The interesting thing is that they (various levels of law enforcement and legislature) are straddling the fence enough to thoroughly infuriate both “sides” of the prohibition debate.

    This whole idea of giving addicts what they need so they can do it safer is really repulsive in a few different ways. To summarize a couple:

    1. It is repulsive to people who like the rule of law and consistensy, because now the establishment of the city are assisting individuals in a habit that involves breaking the law. The contemporary law and practice is just a joke, it sends a signal to people that right and wrong mean nothing, a definate departure from any sort of tangible values.

    2. It is repulsive to typical libertarians (who push for drug legalization) becuase, for example, you are using government resources to subsidise the activities of a certain group, and at that a group which is likely not contributing much for society. At least if you are going to let people destroy themselves, don’t use government funds to let them do it more safely.

    On the other hand, this shouldn’t be so suprising.. When law and government are nothing but a man centered shared of political expediency and people have a wrong view of government and its role, this is exactly the sort of thing that happens. One wonders whether some of those crack pipes they are handing out might be already “used”

  2. friar tuuk

    Our society is trying to separate the sin from its natural consequences. Sadly, this is par for the course for our totally humanistic governments. The decision to hand out crack pipes to addicts is evidence of their blindness to even basic psychological principles, let alone spiritual ones.

    God, in His mercy, uses the consequences of sin to turn people from sin, to draw us closer to Him and dissuade individuals from entering into sin in the first place.

    But shouldn’t those who claim to serve the Lord refer to His Word for their ethical position? In Australia, the establishment of “shooting galleries” or “safe” rooms for heroin addicts to inject was actually spearheaded by the Uniting Church! This is absolutely disgusting and an affront to the God that they claim to represent!

  3. Ian

    Mark: I don’t know why they would need safe crack kits. Kinda weird.
    What do you think of libertarianism? I’ve been strongly leaning that way for a while now. Of course replacing the “rule of law” with God’s law. I’m starting to believe that the church should step in where we’ve been relying on the government in terms of morality.

  4. Mark


    I agree that legislation of morality on the part of the government is often is a slippery slope, and I venture to say that the administrations of the past few decades are if anything more ill equipped to handle it correctly and Biblically than any previous ones (both through factional pressures and confused ideas they themselves may have).

    (that reminds me of that film interview touching on whether there is a better place for the 10 commandments than a courthouse)

    I was exposed to libertarianism quite some time ago, mainly because there are actually a lot of libertarian computer scientists, technologists, internet gurus etc.

    A good deal of my exposure has been to the ideas of former U.S. presidential candidate Harry Browne and his Internet radio show. He has since passed away. He’s a very elloquent and common sense sort of guy. I feel he related a lot better to me than any of the subsequent candiates for the LP.

    I think there are a number of good concepts in libertarianism, and at the least I believe I at least lean libertarian a bit. I do have a bit of difficulty with reconcilling the libertarian concept of law in some senses with the Christian conception of law. Its not that I necessarily see them as irreconcilable, but just a great tension there. They seem to have a view of autonomy that runs against Biblical truth to some degree, though I accept much of what they say otherwise.

    I do believe that libertarianism (ie. sometimes called classical liberalism) is the only “liberalism” that could be consistent or half desirable.

    If society is going to be “loose” and permissive, it should at least be loose in principle (ie. libertarianism) rather than loose on expediency or popular demand (ie. modern liberalism). That way, there is some structure and consistency to what is going on. Things are let go because of a principle of non interference, not because of highly politicising lobbying or unfair favoritism.

    One question worth pondering is: to what degree would anarchy be the byproduct of a consistent adherence to libertarianism in an administration? And then there is the question, is what we have right now really so much better?

    On a more practical note, parties with strong commitments to libertarianism are likely never to be a viable vote-getters, because they are far to ideological to be able to woo voters.

  5. Rogers Meredith

    Bit O advice. If the boys outside and below that small windo in your house get to oloud a bit of water tends to drowned their spirits. Also I ran many a drug dealer off that street but teneded to leave the junkies alone.

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