Calvin’s Commentaries – $99

I bought my Calvin set for $99 from CBD a number of years ago. Although they often have it cheap, only once in a while does it get below a hundred bucks!
Go buy ’em!


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6 responses to “Calvin’s Commentaries – $99

  1. Mark

    That sure is a hefty pile of books for $99.00.

    I have a hard time justifying buying a few scattered book from or EBey. My shelves are too stuffed and I’m far too behind on my reading. How could I justify buying this mamnoth set of books like that?

    Hmm.. I’ll admit your post did tempt me though.

  2. Ian

    I’m tellin’ ya, buy it! A great, let me repeat, GREAT resource. Even though the commentaries are 500 years old, they are incredibly powerful for today.
    That, and it looks great on the shelf!

  3. Rogers Meredith

    Of course you run the risk of believing Calvin once you read him.

  4. pilgrim

    Nice comment Rogers–perhaps Ian will become a paedo baptist!

    Although I’m sure you can find lots of other great stuff in there.

  5. Ian

    Calvin: “The word baptizo signifies to immerse, and it is certain that immersion was the practice of the ancient church.”
    Instit. b. 4, s. 15

    Witsius: “It cannot be denied that the native signification of the words baptein and bapteizein is to plunge, to dip.”
    In. His. Ecc. p. 138

    Luther: “Baptism is nothing else than the word of God with immersion in water.”
    Schmalkald Articles No. 5

    For more see here:

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