You Know You Are Not Reformed If…

I thought the millions of you who read this blog would appreciate this.
You know you are not Reformed if:

. . . you think the Apostles Creed is the guy who fought Rocky in Rocky I.
. . . you think the Canons of Dort are like the Guns of Navarrone.
. . . you think Ursinus is a nasal condition.
. . . you think Arminians are the people who run convenience stores.
. . . you think the Belgic Confession was from WWII war crimes trials.
. . . you think “popery” in the church makes it smell flowery.
. . . you think the psalter goes with the pepper shaker.
. . . you think unconditional election is a practice of communist dictatorships.
. . . the only “kirk” you know is from Star Trek.
. . . you think the Three Forms of Unity are health, wealth, and happiness.
. . . you think “catechism” and “dogma” relate to pets.
. . . you think Post Tenebras Lux is a breakfast cereal (it’s actually the motto of post-Reformation Geneva).

[HT: The Riddleblog]



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3 responses to “You Know You Are Not Reformed If…

  1. Allen R. Mickle, Jr.

    Funny Ian… love the Rocky Comment (yo… Adrian!)… did you know they’re making a new Rocky?

    Oh well, Apollo Creed… Apostle’s Creed… close enough!


  2. pilgrim

    Well if you’re going to steal–the Riddleblog’s a great place–my favorite was the Apostles’ Creed one

  3. Mark

    LOL. Hillarious.

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