Name Them

Stephen Colbert vs. Congressman Lynn Westmoreland

Oh man! This is hilarious!! This would have Rushdoony rolling over in his grave.
Colbert has the congressman who advocated for the Ten Commandments to be in court buildings on the show. See how he fares against Colbert! Not too good.



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2 responses to “Name Them

  1. friar tuuk

    Hilarious, yes, but so sad! Evidence the fact that we need Christian leaders who are well-grounded in the Word of God, who display wisdom and are empowered by the Holy Spirit. I agree that the Commandments ought indeed to be the focal point of the legal system. I believe the decalogue theoretically forms the basis of the Canadian system, having its roots in the British system. But isn’t the US legal system based on the French one? I’m amazed that Westmoreland even got elected – then again, this was the same electorate that gave the world George W. Gotta trust that Lord knows what He is doing when He places such men in power.

  2. Ian

    Let’s use this as an example of how not to be a hypocrite!
    To bring reproach onto the name of God with such ignorance is pretty shameful.

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