Child Abuse A Norm

This is disgusting.
Y’know, I wake up in the morning, read the news online, and expect to read bad things. What’s happening in Israel and Lebanon is bad. People are getting bombed, civilians are dying, Hezbollah are terrorists attacking a small nation-state and it looks like things will get worse before it gets better.
But reading about a war is nothing like reading about pedophilia. I may shake my head in sadness over the war in the Middle East. But I get angry when I read about 12 year old Dakota Fanning acting in a movie where she is involved in a rape scene. I am utterly disgusted. Disgusted with the director Deborah Kampmeier, who honestly, deserves to be taken outside the gates and stoned. Disgusted with Fanning’s agents for putting her in such a sickening role. Disgusted with her parents for not raising hell over their daughter’s involvement in such a putrid movie. And you know who I’m also disgusted with? I’m disgusted with all those in society who pompously will acclaim this as a “brave” and “courageous” movie that just “needs to be seen.” My God, what have we become? Where does this mentality come from?
Well, to answer the question, I only need to keep reading. has an article by Kevin McCullough who writes about some school program run by admitted pedophile Phillip Distasio, who since the programs inception, has molested around 75 boys. And this pervert, who also deserves a stoning, is claiming it’s his constitutional right to have sex with boys! Where does he get this idea?? In a book written by Judith Levine, an academic who wrote a book on why sex for youngsters is healthy. Stones anyone??? And of course the book is endorsed by the Clinton administration’s surgeon general and is published by the University of Minnesota Press.
Where’s the sense???


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5 responses to “Child Abuse A Norm

  1. Ben TK Wong

    There was an article recently in the Toronto Star discussing how the public revulsion towards pedophilia in fact protects these people since people refuse to talk about it. It was painful to get through the article, to say the least, since the topic is so taboo.
    Something seriously needs to be done though if these people are still allowed to run rampant even under watch!

  2. Carla

    Myself, my husband and all our kids, really like Dakota Fanning as an actress. It’s a sickening shame to read this, but it’s not so surprising, considering the industry that she’s in, and the adults who surround her encouraging to “challenge” herself as an actress.

    She’s a 12 yr old child, a talented one at that, being completely exploited by the sin-loving adults in her world.

    I feel sorry for this little girl.

  3. Ian

    Ben: I would also argue that lax laws against pedophilia protects these perverts. When the Canadian judicial system says that it’s okay to have stories depicting child sex because it’s “freedom of expression” we have a real problem.
    I meant what I said about stoning. Pedophilia should be a crime worthy of the death penalty.

    Carla: it is so sad to see such a cute and talented girl be so horrifically manipulated. The US government should swoop in and take her into custody and get her away from her disturbed parents.
    They are utter filth if they were okay with this.

  4. Bilbo Baggins

    The only remaining reason pedophilia is illegal in this country is because of our culture’s flagging revulsion. Our laws no longer ensure the protection of the “weak” or “vulnerable” in our culture. Abortion is case in point. The debate over mercy-killing of mentally challenged people is another. Legalizing marijuana and prostitution would be another step towards removing protection for the weak in our country. Health care spending in Canada is monstrous; I wonder how much talk about euthanasia has occurred behind closed doors.

    We have no concept of justice because justice exists as God defines it. Secular humanists have no ground to stand on when it comes to moral issues. Behind all of our laws, however, is the assumed morality that comes from our Righteous God. I do not want to sound like a dooms-day prophet, but academic ethicists have already observed that without God, morality is nothing more than personal preference. With movies like Hounddog, our “cultural conscience” will become increasing seared and desensitized. Our only hope is Christ, that He would revive this land. Although humanity is made in the image of God and our society is sustained by common grace, we will not see radical change until the people of this nation submit to Christ’s Lordship.

  5. Ian

    Brother, you sure don’t have the tenacity of a Hobbit!
    I couldn’t have said it better m’self.

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