Stornoway Free Church (cont) Videos

Rev. David P. Murray of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) in Stornoway has a series of videos hosted at Sermon Audio. I’ve only watched one, Christ in the Covenant With Adam from the Christ the Covenanter series. I must say, I enjoyed watching it. The videos are of lectures dealing with various aspect of theology and Christian living. Rev. Murray is the lecturer in each video, from what I can tell. I recommend checking them out, they would be very useful for Sunday School.


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4 responses to “Stornoway Free Church (cont) Videos

  1. David Shedden

    Ian, thanks for this interesting post. I’m listening to the first in the Depression series as I write, slowly losing the will to live, and my bottle of Tarrango Australian red wine is empty… 8 reasons are being given for studying depression in this first lecture!! Help…

  2. Ian

    Well, you could throw on a Bill Monroe album and open a can of Guinness. That’s always good to lift my spirits!
    I don’t know about listening to a guy with a Scottish brogue drone on…well, you know how that is!
    To all my Scottish friends, I was only kidding! Your accents are…well…you know.

  3. David Shedden

    Some of us are cheery, at times, especially when we get food and drink without expense…

    Interesting that Murray criticises Jay Adams’ approach to depression in the Depression 2 video. Adams always takes a pounding, I’m surprised that Murray is so balanced here. Does anyone agree with Adams?

  4. Ian

    Interesting, I’ll have to watch that one. I’m not as informed on “nouthetic counselling” or any counselling for that matter. But I have read some of Adams’ “Competent to Counsel” and thought it was great. Especially for the period he wrote in. Very revolutionary.
    I know that a lot of Christian psychologists (I spoke with one about it) take the good from Adams and dispense with the bad. Mostly the bad would be that Adams sees things very black/white.
    I think that N.A.N.C. has taken a lot of Adams’ principles and given them a bit more balance. I still think Adams is worth reading though. From what little I know anyways.

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