Double Blind by Matthew Teague

I read this yesterday in a copy of The Atlantic Monthly and was quite blown away by the intrigue and espionage. My reading of it came fast on the heels of Vicky and I watching Patriot Games with Harrison Ford. Both the article I’m speaking of, Double Blind by Matthew Teague, and Patriot Games are to do with the Irish Republican Army.
I’ve long been interested in all things Ireland, and in particular I have been fearfully observant of the IRA. When I was in Belfast I was quite shocked by how “The Troubles” still had such a lasting effect on the people there. Interestingly Crawford took us around town and pointed out some IRA sites giving us some background to the whole period. My friend Nigel and I remarked afterwords that we could actually feel the adrenaline pumping through our veins as we listened to Crawford speak. I even managed a picture from Shankill Road!
Teague’s piece is about the British agents who had infiltrated the IRA and took it down. It is a shocking story that you would have to read to believe. It sounds like a Hollywood movie of the likes of Patriot Games. It is unbelievable to think that these men actually went through with pretending to be IRA men, keeping their identities to the point of having to actually kill other British agents.
Read it and be amazed!


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2 responses to “Double Blind by Matthew Teague

  1. JimmyD

    Ian I’m glad you found Crawford’s guided tour interesting and especially the photo you took. The next you are over here let me give you a historical tour of the people of the Shankill, their struggles in every day life, but more importantly the work of God in many of their lives.

  2. Rogers Meredith

    I guess terrorism takes all sorts of forms. I am reminded by your post of a story I read about Alexander The Great. Alexander was interviewing a pirate that had been brought to him and in the course of the interview asked “what do you mean by infesting the seas” to which the (saucy) pirate replied “the same as you by infesting the land. What I do I do in a small boat, and so am called a pirate. What you do you do with an army and so are called an emperor”. While two wrongs never make a right, and killing, for the sake of infiltration or other is still killing, the only hope for the ills of Ireland is the gospel. Still one wonders how much call there would have been for the IRA if England had kept their bloody hands to their self.

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