New St. Andrews College/Logos School

New St. Andrews College/Logos School

Here is a video from CBN doing a segment on Logos School and New St. Andrew’s College. Both are based on the classical educational model of the Trivium. And both were co-founded by Doug Wilson in Moscow, ID. This makes me jealous that I didn’t have this kind of education, and makes me want to give it to my kids.



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12 responses to “New St. Andrews College/Logos School

  1. Allen R. Mickle, Jr.

    Amen Ian! Even though I don’t agree with all of Wilson’s theology, I think this is a fantastic approach to learning and would also love to have my kids learn using this approach.


  2. Ian

    We should set one up in Essex county!
    We can name it after M’Cheyne or one of the Bonars. They were pre-mill right? ;)

  3. Allen R. Mickle, Jr.

    Sounds good to me. I might be back in Essex County come November anyway! LOL.


  4. Austin Storm

    Horatius Bonar – my favorite.

  5. Mel(ody) Grewal

    I am currently looking for other homeschooling parents to band together to give this to my son. I plan to follow the approach in “Well-Trained Mind” using Veritas Press materials. And no, unless I get at least 4 other CONTRIBUTING parents, I don’t want to start a classical christian school in Toronto. It’s a ton of work just giving this education to my own child; so I’m not interested in teaching other people’s children. Please contact me if you are a like-minded parent with a child close to kindergarten age in the downtown Toronto area (

    Thanks for letting me using your blog to solicit Ian!

  6. Ian

    Hey Mel,
    I would recommend you check out Carle Rolfe’s blog called Reflections of the Times. She is a homeschool mom extraordinaire! She would be of help. I think she has seven kids!
    Another awesome homeschool mom in the area who blogs is Kim from The Upward Call: Again, she’s another great blogger who homeschools.

  7. Ian

    Austin, you should check out my friend Darrin Brooker’s blog Running Well
    Darrin runs Lux Publications that has published the complete works of Horatius Bonar on CD. Darrin did all of the work himself, including travelling all over to track down everything (I think he’s missing two letters).
    Darrin also posts really neat stuff from church history, including a lot of the Bonars.

  8. Rogers Meredith

    Ah New St. Andrews; I have a Beer Glass with their logo on it and a parishoner in attendance. Good Stuff!!

  9. Ian

    I would love to see more schools like Logos and NSA in Canada. Our children’s education is going to pot. Not only is it anti-Christian, but it is also poor education.
    Our countries’ will be changed drastically if the next generation come from places like this.

  10. Bilbo Baggins

    Hey Ian,

    Thanks for the video clip of Logos and NSA. I have been very interested in Classical Education ever since I read Wilson’s Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning a few years ago (a must read for anyone interested in education).

    My wife and I are currently home schooling our children using the Trivium approach to much success. Like Melody, we are follwing the Well Trained Mind curriculum. In the fall, I will begin teaching my oldest son (Grade 3) Latin, which I am very excited about.

    I am also a high school teacher, and although I do not teach in a classical school, I structure my courses (as much as possible) using the classical model. Unfortunately, many of my students who should be in the rhetoric stage of the Trivium are actually fumbling about at the Grammar stage. We press on.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed seeing the clip on Logos. My brother is currently starting a classical school in North Carolina. I keep telling him to move back to Canada and start a school up here, but he’s gone and married a southern belle, and he is beyond the point of no return.

    Cheers, Jeremy

  11. Mark

    Hey Ian,

    I watched this video and it is pretty cool. Well except for the Pat Robertson part, but thats another story :)

    I think what they are doing with education is great. The traditional method of teaching is so heavily based on “how we are used to it” that it seems to miss the most fundamental aspects of learning and is content to settle for regurgitation of information.

    One thing that is kind of sad is that in an attempt to escape old patterns and make education relevant, many education setups have really just trivialized everything. For example, in education about technology, instead of instilling proper foundations in core disciplines, they think they can cover some new technology and hence give their students the advantage. In reality, they will never teach the students enough about the “new” thing to have them good at it, and the students will be left without any sort of solid fundamentals either.

    Somehow teachers needs to push children use education to provoke them to learning and instill something useful in them, rather than using education as one more way to preserve a dying status quo. And, of course, the focus on faithfulness and knowledge of God in education is a wonderful focus in this thing and really is vital!

    Really, though, I don’t need any Trivium. I just want Douglas Wilson to give me a few good lectures on rhetoric and humor. I’d be happy with that :>

    If a school is set up in Essex county, I volunteer to be the one who gets free copies of that huge stack of books for “review copies”.

  12. Christian Grewal

    Pat Robertson should teach Phys. Ed. there.

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