Boyd on Politics

Open theist advocate and pastor Greg Boyd has sounded off on his political views and the New York Times has been quick to jump on it. After a recent series of sermons denouncing a Christianity that necessitates political action, in particular Republican political action, Boyd has just released a book dealing with the same issue. I think a lot of what Boyd says is true — in spite of the fact that I’m quite conservative in my views. There is nothing about Christianity that says one has to be conservative or liberal. What Christians need to do is stick to the Scriptures and judge accordingly. If it turns out that the Scriptures line up with a certain political view on a certain political issue, so be it.
The problem with Boyd, of course, is his view on God. As an open theist, he believes that God exists within time and that God does not know the future. All political views aside, Boyd is an out-and-out heretic. I mean that with the full-force of the word.
It is sad to note that of the 5,000 in attendance at his church, 1,000 left over his political views. They didn’t mind that their pastor taught that God doesn’t know the future, but boy! step on the Republican party’s shoes, and you’re in for it. How utterly shameful and disgusting.
See Russ Moore’s thoughts on this at The Henry Institute blog here.

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