Psalter in a Bog

Ahhhhhh….you gotta love old Irish monks who copied out the Bible! One of them, a 1200 Psalter, was recently found in an Irish bog! Wasn’t it Columba who went to war over a Psalter? Maybe it was this one???


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4 responses to “Psalter in a Bog

  1. Christian Grewal

    Nothing beats finding a good book!

  2. Rogers Meredith

    You don’t think it was an accident then that it was open to Psalm 83; especially so since the late prosperity of the country has resulted in such a downgrading of religion.

  3. Ian

    Rog: do you think that they’re prosperity is the key contributor to the downgrade in Ireland? Or would it be safe to say that things have been pretty rough, religiously speaking, for quite a while?
    My hope is that with the prosperity in Ireland the gospel would be free to be preached. Hopefully with prosperity will come peace and gospel preachers will have greater freedom.

  4. Rogers Meredith

    Unfortunatly secularism and materialism seldom leads to reformation.I would rather see Ireland blessd by the covenant than by the European Union!

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