Degenerated Argument

I’ve been in an online debate (a very short one) with a guy who advocates the theory of evolution. This is what the argument degenerated to. I didn’t bring up the issue of ethics, but he has proven existentially that there is no logical reason to be ethical in an atheistic worldview. I took the initiative to edit some of his language — be warned.
Evolution has nothing to do with order coming from disorder. You’re thinking of abiogenesis. Evolution does not provide for an explanation of creation. It provides an explanation of what scientists have observed: speciation, extinction, adaptation, variation, etc. For what processes are scientists not able to account? If you are going to say the origin of life, don’t even bother. Don’t even start with me about that “sin” bullsh*t. An omniscient deity automatically eliminates the possibility of free will. Since you believe in an omniscient deity, you must also believe that it knew every step your life would take before you were even created. Due to that foreknowledge, it is necessary that your life take those steps – else, your deity is not omniscient. There’s no faulty thinking in valid, sound logic. Your faulty thinking arises from assuming the conclusion in the premise of your argument. You can’t just say “it’s the only one that makes sense”. First of all, it doesn’t make sense. Secondly, several others do make sense. You can’t claim that anything for which you argue uses valid logic. Don’t message me again with your illogical bullsh*t, or I’ll use that email address you gave me to sign up for bestiality, scat, bondage, and rape porn sites, hundreds of mailing lists, and online credit card scams.


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9 responses to “Degenerated Argument

  1. gummi

    man… some atheists can get pretty emotionally protective of themselves in intellectual debates…

  2. Ian

    I have to say, I was pretty shocked. In the course of the conversation, he was pretty testy and wasn’t getting what I was saying. Then Wham! He hits me with that.
    I guess when you don’t have a good answer, you do this!

  3. pilgrim

    And people say Christians are close minded.
    (Although I don’t think he’d see himself as close minded, still plenty of evidence for it there.)

  4. Ian

    Sin has blinded their minds. It should be a lesson for us when we evangelise. The gospel will produce one of two results: acceptance or antagonism. We might not always see the antagonism, but it is there. In this yahoo, it was a little more apparent!

  5. Ian

    With no small effort and the wonders of technology, I found the guy’s blog:

  6. Attesa

    Wow… I’m no psychologist, but to me he sounds a bit concerned about his own beliefs, and just a tad on the defensive side. Wow.

  7. Ian

    Thanks Attesa for your comment. You know, my initial reaction to him was anger. Here am I, trying to have a calm and rational discussion, and he freaks out. But after reading some of his livejournals (he has others), I began to feel really bad for him. He seems so lonely and sad. I only hope that my words and some of ther resources I provided will be used of the Lord to convert him.

  8. Daniel

    When a man prides himself on his argument – and another doesn’t buy into that argument, it is not a slight against the man’s argument, but a slight against the man himself.

    Clearly this fellow assumes himself to be a reasonable, rational fellow, and as such, he regards whatever he happens to believe as being the sort of thing that one believes because one is reasonable and rational. When you begin to show him that his rational and reasoning are being applied to presumptions rather than facts – that is, when you begin to show him that as rational and reasonable as he seems to be, he has made a leap of faith that is worse than your own – well, you kick his legs out from under him, and frankly, some people who pride themselves on being rational and reasonable – on hearing that the emperor has no clothes, well, …they either get humble quick, or they grit their teeth and deny it.

    If denial is the path selected – the one who continues to point out the emperor’s nudity is not going to be long appreciated.

    Bottom line? Not your fault Ian.

  9. Ian

    Thank you for the encouraging words, they are greatly appreciated. It’s funny how a conversation that turns sour can actually bug you, but this one stayed in my mind for quite some time. Your words are timely.

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