Pulpiteering – Stepping In It…

Christian has an insightful post about how many in today’s church view older church paradigms. In particular he looks at the ministry of a guy named Bruxy Cavey, who is “against religion.” As Christian notes, Cavey isn’t exactly against a form of religious dogmatism that the apostle James spoke against. Rather, Cavey defines religion according to the world’s standards and then critiques it. Typically speaking, the religion that the world hates is good ole Biblical Christianity. I thought what Christian had to say was balanced and fair. Here’s a quote:

The message being preached here is that the “OLD” system of church is a breeding ground for hypocrites. Though the old dudes may preach and believe the same thing they’re more susceptible to hypocrisy than we in the New Paradigm are. Therefore, we must break that mold, forsake the shirt and tie, and take up the frumpy polo shirts or hipster doofus outfits because this is “true religion”, it’s REAL. The Pastor need to get rid of the pulpit and replace it with a stool and earpiece mic, grow a goatee and look like fat Jesus. The paradigm must be shifted!I’m sorry, but there are just as many hypocrites who wear polo shirts, or “God’s Gym” T-shirts as there are wearing suits. And as the old-gen-hypocrites (OGHs, because acronyms are cool and cutting edge) die out, these next-gen hypocrites (NGH) will be in the majority. What then? Back to the suit and tie and the formal hymn sing? This is the same old song and dance perpetrated by the church growth movement.


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