Last night I went to prayer meeting instead of going to hear D.A. Carson speak on Moses’ intercessory prayer at Knox Presbyterian. When I got home my wife had just made some chocolate chip cookies especially for me! What a wife!! How thankful I am to God that He gave me a wife who loves me, as expressed in a token of love — namely cookies. I’m also thankful that God made her with a sweet tooth so that she would give me cookies instead of carrots.
It turns out that I was quite glad that that I opted to go to prayer meeting last night instead of Knox. As much as I absolutely love hearing Carson speak, I was convicted that it was more important to go to prayer meeting. The conviction really came from my recollection of a conversation I had with Carl Trueman who explained his relationship with his pastor. Trueman is very intentional about being accountable to his pastor and is also intentional about supporting his pastor as much as possible. At the time I remember thinking that was so ideal, and that not enough Christians think this way, not realising that I could implement the same practice. Dr. Trueman meets with his pastor regularly for fellowship, but also for accountability. He said that he is particularly assiduous in this practice when he travels. Recognising his own limitations as a sinner, Trueman strongly believes that he needs his pastor to question him on the details of his trips. This is a means to keep him obedient to Christ while away. Would that every Christian had this conviction!
As it turned out, my pastor Christian and I were the only guys who showed up from the English congregation (highly uncharacteristic of Holy Word folk). We split into guys and girls for prayer, so it was just Christian and I. As much as I love fellowshipping with everyone at church, and I think that we should all attend prayer meeting, I was glad of the time spent chatting with Christian. It was a blessing to hang out and pray together.
It was also a blessing to come home to cookies! I’m going to have some now with my lunch. Oh yeah.

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  1. Christian Grewal

    I was greatly blessed with our time of prayer together. I’m glad you showed up seeing as how time with DA Carson would also rock.

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