Liberty Summer Seminar

Man, the Liberty Summer Seminar looks really good. It looks like they have Stephen Taylor and Ezra Levant lined up to speak, as well as others like Jan Narveson. I really wish that I had the time to make it. Hanging out in Orono, Ontario listening to the value of freedom and liberty while making new friends definitely sounds appealing. Hopefully there will be more Liberty Seminar stuff going on Windsor that I can make it out to soon.
Thanks to Peter Jaworski for the cool banner.


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2 responses to “Liberty Summer Seminar

  1. gummi

    hey ian,

    its gUmmI. Could I email you question(s)? Not necessarily for podcast (although you’re free to use ’em for it).

    DUDE! You read so many theologians guy!


  2. Ian

    Hey man, yeah for sure. Fire away.
    I’m just trying to look cool with having a bunch of books. Really, I only read comic books. Who needs theology when you can read old Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics???

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