D.A. Carson in Toronto

Tomorrow night Dr. D.A. Carson will be giving a free lecture on prayer as part of Knox Presbyterian Church’s summer fellowship. Every year for the last twenty or so years Dr. Carson has spoken at this series. Two years ago I saw him speak on the Psalms and it was fabulous. Unfortunately I missed it last year. His lecture is entitled: “Moses: Interceding for Others and For Himself.” If you would like coffee and snacks, show up at 6:45pm. The lecture starts at 7pm. Knox is located on the corner of Spadina and Harbord (630 Spadina). Parking is sparse, so show up early.


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4 responses to “D.A. Carson in Toronto

  1. Christian Grewal

    Hey! That’s at the same time as our Prayer Meeting…

  2. stauf46

    You TO guys may have to suffer with the Leafs, but at least you have great conferences, etc. I’m jealous.


  3. Ian

    Aye, sufferage with the Leafs is a shame, but it is pretty cool to have conferences. It has its problems though…
    Say, do you know where the Humfrey’s are? They haven’t posted for a while.

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