Pulpiteer Podcast 2

Yesterday Christian and Ben came over for lunch and we recorded another podcast, while eating excellent burritos and pita’s from The Sandwich Shoppe (Gerrard Street). We discussed a number of things including prayer, Robert Philip, the necessity of evangelism (even when we don’t feel like it), escaping reality by playing video games, etc. It was an edifying and enjoyable time spent with my brothers. Click here to listen!
Check out our sweet theme music!


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3 responses to “Pulpiteer Podcast 2

  1. Mark

    Quick question.. If this is a podcast, where is the RSS feed?

  2. Ian

    Ummmm…I don’t know.
    You would have to ask Christian (Pulpiteering) who keeps calling it a podcast.
    I’m an idiot and don’t know deez tings.

  3. Mark

    Uninitiated? Perhaps. Idiot, no way.

    I don’t know Christian, but FYI..

    Podcasting differs from posting mp3 file links in that with a podcast you have one central index file (a RSS file, a “playlist” of sorts) that contains an up-to-date list of all the audio programs (the WHERE and WHAT). So, if I have an mp3 device that can handle podcasts, I like my player to that URL (to the RSS) and my player can automatically determined when it needs to download new Mp3s.

    So, for example, if I’m subscribed to a churches sermon podcast. I don’t need to check their website or blog to download the latest one. All I do is… the first time I download the podcast to my Mp3 player and from there on, it automatically knows everytime it is plugged in that it should update itself and download any new sermons that were added. Or instead of an mp3 player, it may be just a program on a persons computer that does the automatic fethc. The core idea of podcasts is giving the listener a way to keep up to date effortlessly.

    Its really quite nifty. It may be that that there is an RSS feed available, but we just don’t know about it. If it is a true pod cast there must be one :) If thats the case, let me know if you ever find out :-)

    I listened to part of the latest Mp3 and the part on prayer was pretty interesting to me.

    One group of Podcasts that I find interesting is the one that Covenant Seminary (St. Louis) has. They have a podcast for free lectures made for many of their courses. I download the little stream file for a course to my mp3 player, and it handles the details of what files it needs to grab for me. Right now I’m almost done a seminar on Francis Schaeffer’s later years.

    OK. I’m done with my homily :) I guess I got all bent out of shape because I got all fired up about having another cool automatically updated podcast, but got let down when I only could find a link to an mp3 file.

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