Works of Abraham Book Volume One

The Works ofAbraham BoothVolume One:
Confession of Faith & Sermons
Edited by Michael A. G. Haykin
“Abraham Booth (1734-1806) was a leading Baptist theologian of his day,one of the most widely read Baptist authors of his era, the prime mover in beginning the theological college that would become Regent’s Park College, Oxford, and the first London Baptist pastor to offer active support of the fledgling Baptist Missionary Society. Yet, curiously, not since the early nineteenth century has the set of works by Abraham Booth been in print. The standard edition at that time, and down to the present day, was The Works of Abraham Booth (London: W. Button & Sons, 1813), which was issued in 3 volumes. The entirety of this three-volume set is now being re-printed in this set of volumes by Particular Baptist Press. This first volume contains Booth’s sermons from this three-volume set, all of them from Volume 3 of that set. It also contains sermons found in various issues of The Baptist Magazine and Booth’s confession of faith given at the time of his ordination on February 16, 1769. In two future volumes there will be his theological and soteriological works (Volume 2) and ecclesiological treatises (Volume 3). Various extant letters, not included in the original three-volume set, will be included in volume 2″- from the Editor’s Introduction.
Particular Baptist Press is honored to be able to make the works of Abraham Booth available again to the general public in this most complete edition of his collected writings available to date. There is much in this volume to edify the people of God. Quality bound in Grade B red cloth vellum with black spine label and goldstamping and acid free paper. 263 pages, fully indexed. Includes a portrait of Booth. $27.50.
Particular Baptist Press
2766 W. FR 178
Springfield, MO 65810
(417) 883-0342

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