Biological Claim for Homosexuality "Rubbish"

LifeSite reports that Joseph Berger, a psychiatrist at the University of Toronto, has labelled the recent Brock University study on homosexuality “rubbish.” The study argues that homosexuality is a biological problem that begins in the womb. Called the “older brother syndrome,” the researchers at Brock found that younger brothers often turned out to be gay, due to an immune reaction in the mother while pregnant with the first born male.
Berger’s comments: “It [the study] should never have been published. I suspect it was not peer-reviewed properly or was reviewed by someone so biased and ignorant that they were unable to see the huge flaws and [are] essentially ignorant of the literature.” He also called it an “absurd notion of some maternal ‘immune response.'”
LifeSite published an article on this study a few days ago that made an interesting point. If the study turns out to be true, and homosexuality is biologically founded, the issue becomes one of abnormality. The study has thus shown that homosexuality is an abnormal reaction to a flaw on the part of the mother. This surely isn’t something that homosexuals would want to face — that their lifestyle is a result of a biological defect.

[HT: The Pearcey Report]


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