I was thrilled to stumble across the blog of an old pastor of mine who I haven’t seen in years. Wayne Shih is blogging at Ekklesia and I was quite thrilled to see the number of Reformed links on there. When I attended Riverside Baptist Church, it was shortly after I had been converted, and I hadn’t a clue what Reformed meant.
Go check it out, he has some helpful posts relevant to pastoring today. Keep on blogging Pastor Wayne!
I just found out that Pastor Wayne does AeonsEdge: A Spirituality Community Which is a great looking site full of information about God, the Bible and Christianity in general. It appears this is a house-church that Wayne is part of in Windsor. Maybe I’ll have to check it out when I go home. Even weirder is that Challies did the site! The world keeps getting smaller…


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2 responses to “Ekklesia

  1. Wayne Shih


    Thanks for the link. I’ve been reading you for a while but don’t think I ever left a comment.

    A note on AeonsEdge … we’re hoping to launch this fall. It’s been in the planning for about 8 months now, but I’ve been helping Riverside through the process of finding a new undershepherd.


  2. Ian

    Sounds great. If you have any information available about the church, I’d love to have it. That way if I know of anyone interested, I can send a recommendation.

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