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Without wanting to look like a Doug Wilson crony, I am linking to another post. This time it’s not on politics, rather it is a brief explanation of the various objections to evolutionary theory. He highlights four: particular evidences, logical difficulties, ethical concerns and transcendental argument. As many of you know, I follow the philosophy of Cornelius Van Til, sometimes labelled presuppositionalism (I prefer “kung-fu apologetics”), so the last argument in particular scratches where I itch (TAG, you’re it). Here’s a quote to get your mind churning:

The theory of evolution cannot stand because it does not account for the rational preconditions of theory itself.

For in-depth study on the presuppositional method I just mentioned, Paul Manata has a great collection of articles that he’s compiled into a kind of “e-book” called Philosophy of (the Christian) Religion. There are excellent articles here by John Frame, Greg Bahnsen, Vern Poythress, John Byl and more.

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