Pondering Patristics

The following are just a few random thoughts bouncing around in my mind that I thought I would share relative to the patristic period. In particular are resources defending patristic writers from the attacks of contemporary skeptics.
1) I had attempted a response to Toronto new age guru and former Anglican theologian
Tom Harpur. The amount of schoolwork last semester had me put my response on the back-burner, and then I found out that an excellent response was in line to be published. Now said publication is available, and I have my own copy! Stanley E. Porter and Stephen J. Bedard are the authors of Unmasking the Pagan Christ: An Evangelical Response to the Cosmic Christ Idea. Many will be familiar with Porter who is president and dean of McMaster Divinity College and is a leading New Testament scholar. Bedard is a Hamilton, Ontario area pastor who did two graduate degrees at McMaster. It looks to be a formidable response to a very damaging book. You can read the thoughts I had published here, here, here, here and here. Harpur grossly misuses Eusebius of Caesarea in his work The Pagan Christ and I am anxious to see Porter and Bedard refute that and the many other errors found there.
2) Following on the theme of errors regarding Eusebius of Caesarea, Joel McDurmon at American Vision has a short little piece entitled
Was Eusebius A Liar? defending the great church historian from the claim that he promoted lying if it helped the cause of the church. His is a helpful apologetic and I’m sure that his forthcoming book will be a helpful look at the early church.
3) McDurmon references a good site putting misquotes from the early church into their original context. It is at The Divine Evidence site and is called Getting to the Source of Erroneous Quotes. At this site there are corrections of misquotes supposedly from Eusebius as well as Pope Leo X, Tertullian, Augustine and others.

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