Pulpiteer Podcast

Christian, pastor of Holy Word Church and blogger at Pulpiteering has started a podcast and had me on for the first shot. We had a great time recording it yesterday at lunch. We discussed a number of things including how Holy Word is revising the church constitution to protect the pastors from having to marry gay couples, the Da Vinci Code, C.H. Spurgeon’s autobiography and Herman Bavinck’s Reformed Dogmatics. We also answered a question posed by gUmmi about the need to study theology as a Christian, even if one is wired more along relational lines instead of academics.
If you have a question you would like discussed on the Pulpiteer Podcast, fire an email to pulpiteerpodcast@gmail.com. We’re hoping to get together with some of the guys from Holy Word next week to do another session over lunch. Our hope is to do this frequently and have as many people we know who are interested involved. It’s fun, entertaining and hopefully edifying!
Also, I said on that I would post a link to John Gerstner’s Every Man Must Be A Theologian, so there ya go.

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