Doug Wilson – Is Christianity Right Wing?

Although this post is short, Doug Wilson gives a balanced view of Christianity in relation to politics that I found quite helpful. Here’s a good quote:

So, is the Christian faith right-wing or left-wing? Neither. The terms right and left wing originally came from the seating of the National Assembly in France in the time of the French Revolution. While the meaning has changed, it has not changed that much. Right-wing today means slow revolutionary and left-wing means fast revolutionary. The thing which characterizes a Christian political thinking, as opposed to “me-too-ing” the sentiments of the right or left wing is its relationship to Scripture. As Christians think through what should be considered a crime, and what a sin, the only real issue that matters is their court of appeal. Is that court Scripture, and do they honor that court through careful exegesis?

Please see the comments section below for helpful thoughts by Dr. Haykin.



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5 responses to “Doug Wilson – Is Christianity Right Wing?

  1. Michael A G Haykin

    Dear Ian

    If that is the origin of right wing and left wing–and I have some doubts–but assuming it is, it tells me nothing about the way the terms are used today. This is the etymological fallacy–namely that knowing the history of the origin of a word helps one know its current meaning. Nothing could be farther from the truth often.

    Michael h.

  2. Ian

    Ah, thank you! Much appreciated. I did know the fallacy, I hadn’t noticed that he committed it. I’ll let the post stand, but will direct people to the comments section.
    Have a great time in the UK!!!

  3. Ken

    The origin of left and right wing has nothing to do with the point that Wilson is making. Christians are neither left or right, socialist or capitalist, Liberal or Conservative. We are Christians. Sometimes that makes us look like Bushites. Sometimes it makes us resemble Chomsky. We do not care as long as we look like Christ. I grow tired of people like Campolo on the one side and people like Hagee on the other implying that Christianity is necessarily tied to their left or right view of things. Leftist Christians should stand up and state unequivocally that abortion and homosexual behaviour are sins that God condemns. And the rightist Christians should stand up and scream for justice for the poor and admit that not everything that Israel does is morally defendable and needs to be condemned as well.
    There – my spleen feels better already.

  4. JLF

    Amen, Ken! :)

    I appreciated the rant.

    Thanks for the helpful comment as well, Dr. Haykin.

  5. Ian

    I don’t know about Chomsky! ;)
    Thanks Ken, I appreciate your thoughts on this. You are very right.

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