There’s a few things I could post on, so I’m just going to lump them into one general post:

1) Here’s a brief intro to the philosophy of Herman Dooyeweerd. I have found his philosophy to be hard to understand, so this intro is quite helpful.

2) Kirk Wellum, Professor of Systematic Theology at TBS, has a good post on the various millennial expectations of different religious groups today. A very interesting read.

3) Paul Martin, who also teaches at TBS, has a review of Doug Wilson’s book Future Men. I am currently re-reading Wilson’s Fidelity, a book that I think every Christian male should read. Very pointed and pulls no punches. It’s a book I’ll keep re-reading for a long time.

4) Brian Godawa is an Hollywood screenwriter (he wrote To End All Wars) and is also a Reformed Christian. He has an excellent blog with his thoughts on recent movies that I would recommend. I think his philosophy of movies is great. His book Hollywood Worldviews is a must read for pastors, it is a very helpful evaluation of the worldviews that pervade Hollywood, how the impact society, and how we should respond.

5) Gary North has a good article on homeschooling at Lew Rockwell.

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