Bad Use of Dominion

Vicky and I decided to have chicken teriyaki sandwiches for dinner tonight. Because she opted to cook the chicken, I had to run down to the nearby Dominion grocery store for some buns. It is very convenient having the store so close-by, and frequently one of us will have to make the trek on down to get something. But today was not your run-of-the-mill groc’ry buyin’ day.
With it being the so-called “Pride Week” in Toronto, where gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered people express their natures, things aren’t exactly normal around here. This was especially the case when I approached Dominion. It isn’t often that one gets to see trans-sexual, -gendered (?) males/females handing out food samples in front of the ole corner store. But sure enough, such was the case today. It made for quite a sight.
I was first tipped off that something was different because there was a patio set-up in front of the store for eating, making it have the appearance of a restaurant. As of yet, I have no idea why that was set-up. There were a number of people milling about, and amongst the crowd was this man in full regalia. I really couldn’t say who he thought he was, but he sure didn’t think he was of the male gender! Fish-net stockings, a bright and shiny super-hero costume, more make-up than Tammy Faye, he was easy to pick out of the crowd. In particular because he was easy 6 ft. tall with a stocky build. With him was another man, this one less super-hero, more hooker. They made quite a pair, standing amidst a crowd of people who were trying to act as if nothing abnormal were going on.
As I approached, the thought dawned on me that one of these identity-robbed men might ask me if I want to “sample their goods.” I was quite surprised that I managed to get through the crowd without a peep. Yet the whole while I was in the store, I kept fashioning responses to them for on my way out. Would I ignore them? Would I tell them they are disgusting? Would I accept the food sample and stand around to try and share Christ with them? What would my response be? As it turned out, I managed to get by them again without a peep.
My initial reaction actually wasn’t one of disgust, as it may have been for many. Obviously it was not one of acceptance either. I actually could look at these two men and see them as human beings created in God’s image. I was struck quite heavily with the depth of sin that exists within the human heart, and I was utterly thankful that God chose not to leave me to my own sin. And I also managed to take hope that maybe one of them, or both even, were of Christ’s sheep and one day the Great Shepherd would come and call them to the fold.
In the midst of this week, when the LGBT crowd will be sure to display their pride, my prayer is that the Lord would be glorified in the midst of it. That maybe even one homosexual might realise his or her own sin condition and come to Christ, putting off the old nature. It has been my prayer since coming home and will continue to be my prayer over this weekend as I’m sure to see more of this out and out pride in debauchery.

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