Wellum on the Somerville Hoopla

Ryerson University runs adjacent to Toronto Baptist Seminary. If I head south or west, I have no option but to pass one of its buildings. Considering the closeness of the school, I wish that I had known about the “Somerville Controversy” a little sooner so I could have gone to her hooding. What a scene it must have been!
TBS professor Kirk Wellum at Redeeming the Time, has a good piece on the controversy. He notes the idiocy of homosexual proponents who felt that childish antics were a good way to protest Margaret Somerville’s award. As Kirk notes, Somerville is not anti-gay, she has merely voiced her opinion on the same-sex marriage issue, much to the dismay of the academic world.
Kirk’s insights are on the mark when he says, “this is another example of the loss of academic freedom of thought and basic freedom of speech that exists in Canadian society if one dares to challenge the pro-homosexual lobby. Make no mistake about it, this squabble is not merely about attaining certain legal protections for same-sex couples, it is an attempt to have homosexuality declared some kind of alterative normality which is fanciful in the extreme.”

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