Faith Only Intellectual?

This has come up a few times in my reading, and following the pattern of Daniel Hill, I thought I’d ask a question:
Is faith only a matter of the intellect?


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4 responses to “Faith Only Intellectual?

  1. Jesse Gritter

    “Is faith only a matter of the intellect?”

    Matt 22:37 — Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’…”

    The answer, then, is that faith concerns the whole person.

    But given the current situation/context of evangelical Christianity, it seems that intellect is what’s lacking the most.

    Perhaps you’ve already heard of this book by David F. Wells. Highly recommended.

  2. C G

    John MacArthur’s ‘You call me Lord’ was written to refute what is, essentially, a revival of an c18th Scottish heresy called Sandemanianism, often associated with the followers of John Glas. Lloyd-Jones also has a chapter on it in his book on the puritans.

  3. Ian

    Thanks for the thoughts guys. Interestingly, it was reading Andrew Fuller’s sermon on Christianity not being only of the intellect that got me to post the question. I’ve been doing a timeline of Fuller’s life and works for Dr. Haykin and that sermon caught my eye. I’m sure it came in the midst of his conflict with Sandemanianism.
    David Wells is one of my favourite authors. In fact, I read James Boice’s copy of NPFT while on my honeymoon!
    Another thinker who comes to mind (pardon the pun) is Jonathan Edwards and the Religious Affections.
    What should we think of Christians today who assert that Christianity is only assent to bare propositions from the Bible?

  4. darrin

    No, but I would add that the biblical record seems quite clear that the intellect is primary. How can one’s emotions and will be affected without the mind being first engaged? As a man “thinks” in his “heart” so is he.

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