Pandora’s Music Box

Wow, the ultimate music-listenin’ experience. Check this site out. All you have to do is type in the name of a band or musician and you get instant refreshment. Does this only make our society of instant gratification worse?
You gotta love technology.
I am listening to “The Band.” Oh yeah. Hmmm…I wonder what random Nick Cave song they’ll play?


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6 responses to “Pandora’s Music Box

  1. Mark

    I used to use Pandora, but only use it occasionally now. It is a great idea, but not being able to skip more than a few songs in an hour can be annoying when you get on a bad streak of songs :)

    For your information, is essentailly the same thing, but it lets you skip as much as you want. And, it has some neat tagging social aspects. The other nice thing is that it profiles your listening habits, providing statistics pages to check out your most listened artists, songs, etc.

    It lets you tag songs, albums, and artists, and provides most of the core functionality that Pandora does. The only downside is that you need to download and install a simple free player.

    It is almost like a cross between Pandora and librarything :)

  2. Ben TK Wong

    This website is convenient for those who wish to sample a band before buying their cd. Especially for lesser known bands, since those cost more.

  3. Ian

    Mark: Man alive! How do you find out about these things? Thanks for the tip, I shall surely use it. You are right about the inability to skip, I realised that after I blogged.

    Ben: Thanks for stating the obvious pal. ;)

  4. Mark


    “How do you find out about these things?”

    You are theologically learned, hast thou not heard of “progressive revelation”? :)

    I can’t remember exactly how I found it. Likely it was either:

    1. I saw a songlist syndicated from on someones blog.

    2. I started getting weary from, so I utilized Google’s “Find web pages that are similar to” feature and found it there.

  5. Ian

    You shouldn’t give away the tricks of your trade! You seem less esoteric now that I know how mundane the process was. :)

  6. Mark

    Oh, and you are probably assuming I used a web browser to do those things?

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