Liberty Summer Seminar

Hear ye, hear ye! All libertarians, classical liberals, neo-cons, so-cons, theonomists, Misesians, Hayekians, Bastiatists, Burkeans, blabbidy blah. Orono, Ontario will be the place to be on July 29-30, 2006 if you want to learn about individual freedom, personal economic responsibility, free markets and more. The annual Liberty Summer Seminar is rearing its head again – socialists beware!
This years guest speaker will be Fraser Institute Director Michael Walker. Although the LSS site isn’t updated yet, you can still check it out to see how last years seminar went. I hope to go, but we’ll see. Summer is shaping up to be busy. None-the-less, having met some of the people involved, I am sure that it will be a fabulous time!
For more info please contact Peter Jaworski.

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